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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Volanta

Otherspace offers, in my opinion, the single greatest RP experiance on the 'net. Otherspace's original sci-fi theme is one of the most interesting out there. It features six-teen different types of aliens for the players to choose from. Everything from a nine-foot tall glowing bipedal to a flying crystaline jellyfish. Otherspace is packed full of friendly people and helpful admins with one purpose, to have fun, and help other's have fun too. The rich plot made by lead storyteller Wes Platt is designed to involve everyone and slowly shape the world of Otherspace. What any one player does can change the course of the entire MUSH for months. Information about what's happening in the MUSH is available in their online written newspaper as well as a RealAudio news update. Currently the MUSH takes place aboard the Sanctuary, a massive space vessel trapped in an alien dimension after a malfuntion with the crafts engines. The denizens of Sanctuary are now forced to seek out their nemisis, The Thul, and persuade them into helping them return to their own dimension. Virtually every weekend is a major plot-related event full of good roleplaying. Otherspace is a must for anyone who wants good, clean, roleplaying with interesting people. Visit their website at for more information. Telnet 1790.