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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Daniel

After playing Materia Magica for nearly three years I have to say that this game is completely addictive.  The world is ever-expanding and the implementors are constantly providing different activities for players such as global quests and an ingame capture the flag arena.

With a player base of several hundreds most would think that pure population would become a problem.  However, Materia Magica has evolved and expanded to accomodate growing numbers of players.  More and more areas are added everytime I look around and more seem to always be in planning.  The character class system provides the player with a multitude of combinations to achieve what any gamer wants, to make his or her impact on the game world.

My thanks go out to the creator of this game that has provided me with countless hours of entertainment (Not actually true as there is an hour counter for each character).