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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Jerehmia

I felt i needed to say a few words about Otherspace, but the hard thing is to come up with something to say that hasīnt already been said about this terrific game.

I can tell you this much tought. Otherspace is the most intresting mud/mush í have ever played, altought i might not have played that much mush/mudds, well practicly almost never, but this was the only game of all the other mush/mudds that got me intrested. When all the others promised about the same things in gameplay and world Otherspace offered something different, something uniqe.

The first thing that hit me was the very kindly reception i recived, not just from the admind but from all the players as well, helping me become familiar with the game and creating and applying for my first character.

One thing i felt instantly was different from other games was that you had to submit and apply for a character, it might have felt very enoying at first. especially when my submitted character was rejected a few time before they applyed it.
But i was always told what i was to fix in order to make my character as realistic as possible.
You might think all this sound rather boring, but i can tell you that it really has a purpose. As every character has to be applyed for, it makes you care and think and value your character more, its not some peice of text and data, itīs you!

As everybody takes pride and joy in their character, the world gets more alive and realistic, here you will find no one who will act unrealistic, cause everybody gets together and makes a great RP that will leave no one untouched.

All toghether with the original theme, frienly people and the great and serious gameplay makes Otherspace something you will have to look really hard to find something similiar, but i doubt you will ever find any.

No other game has keept me awake for so many nights as Otherpace.

Join the saga and find the adventures of your dreams.