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Reviews Section
MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth by Steve

After a shock from losing my favorite MUD, I was looking for something new to play that I could "sink my teeth into". I decided to try something with a Tolkien-esque flavour, and came up with MUME. To my surprise and delight, MUME is most playable. There's lots to see and do, and it's fairly easy to get around. The commands are many and varied, sometimes to the point where you get a little confused. However, this MUD is most newbie-friendly (some of the players were downright hostile in the game toward me), however, most of the people I've met there are very nice and have assisted me immenstly. All in all, a big "thumbs up" for MUME, and this MUD is a must for any Tolkien fan. Be warned, it's loosely based on the series, and not to the letter.