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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Aurin

Three Kingdoms is what I believe to be the finest mud available today.  The quick rundown on this site doesn't do it justice.  The rundown says 20001+ rooms.  Try over 38000 unique rooms in the Three Kingdoms realm, spread over close to 500 unique areas, some of them ranging into the thousands of rooms themselves and containing areas within areas.  Quests in Three Kingdoms are not mandatory, but they are what keep people enthralled after the hack and slash newness wears off.  They range from a five minute quest where one only has to chop a tree down to quests that take players YEARS to finish and tax even the most powerful and seasoned of our players.  If PK is what you're looking for, we have a limited PK.  By limited, I only mean that the entire population of the MUD isn't PK.  True PK on Three Kingdoms is reserved for those who have the desire and drive to risk their necks wherever they roam.  For those who wish to try PK, but don't want to risk the well-being of their character, Three Kingdoms boasts its Courtworld, where players form factions outside of their normal guild members and enter into a world with its own rules and stat systems.  Courtworld on Three Kingdoms truly is a fully functional completely PK MUD within the world of Three Kingdoms itself.  About those guilds?  There are 14 currently active guilds ranging from the Necromancers who derive their power from the corpses of their enemies to the traditional Priest, Mage, Bard, and Knight, to the Juggernauts who roam the realms in their mechanized power armour, to The Breed, who are so secretive that a great majority of the mud can't even find their guild, much less know what their theme is.  These guilds are scattered throughout the three realms in Three Kingdoms.  Fantasy, a realm in which the fantastic and the epic are the basis, house the fearsome Necromancers, deep in a darkened wood.  Science, a realm that came into being after a nuclear holocaust in what used to be the United States houses the Juggernauts deep in their highly fortified bunker.  Chaos, created by the more unstable forces that created the world might present you with Santa Claus on one side and a slight turn sends you into a watery world where strange sea creatures reside, while another turn might put you in a larger than life game of Magic: the Gathering... or worse.  On top of all of this, Three Kingdoms was the first mud to use the Portal MUD client, allowing you more freedom to monitor your character and create tools to maximize your gaming because the MUD and the client work interactively to bring you the fullest experience possible.  Finally, the mud sports over 1000 active players with over 100 players to be expected online at any time, so things are never lonely.  For the best in MUD experiences, Three Kingdoms is your place.