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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Adara

What can I say about 3kingdoms?  It's addictive, I can't help but play this MUD. It is, by far, the best MUD I've played.  Having also played on many MUDs basically because I get bored very easily and want to test different things out, this is the only MUD I have stuck with for over 2 years.  What is the reason behind this, I hear you ask?  Simple.. It's unique.  I have yet to find a MUD that offers as much as 3kingdoms does and in such a friendly way.

Newbies - 3k over the last few weeks has become totally newbie friendly, with the introduction of a special chat line where newbies can ask any question without fear of being laughed at (which is important and has happened to me on other MUDs) This in conjunction with Newbie Land, which in my opinion is fantastic with the way it's set out and the amount of mobs (monsters you fight) etc, makes 3k one of my favourite MUDs to be a newbie on.

Questing - now questing isn't compulsory but it IS fun..  There are some quests I must admit that make me just want to tear my hair out in frustration but I believe that just adds to the non-boredom factor..  

Areas - Gosh, the amount of different areas in this place is amazing.. That's one thing that gets me about 3k, the diversity..  It's named 3kingdoms, I believe, because of the 3 different realms..  Fantasy, Chaos and Science.. I have to admit Chaos is my favourite but that's because it's friendly to smaller players and that's what I am :)  But whether you're Lvl 1 or Lvl 100 you wont want for a place to explore or fight.

Guilds - there are around 12 active guilds on 3k.  The thing that makes 3k different from alot of other MUDs too is the fact that your power is totally guild based.  Once you join a guild at lvl 5 you become one with that guild.. All your powers come from that guild.  And with such a choice of guilds you wont get bored easily.  Also the choice of guilds to join is quite good, ranging from your classic Priests or Monks to Necromancers and then Jedi or Juggernaughts, there is never a lack of alternatives.

Misc - The help files are really good too.  You are almost guaranteed to find a help file for anything you need, if you were so inclined.  And the Wizard base is excellent.  There is almost always a wizard online to help you if you need them to.  Oh and they are all quite friendly as well ;)

Basically this MUD is fantastic.  The people are wonderful, the realms rock and the playability is great.  And these are the very things that keep me coming back time and time again.  Give it a go, you wont regret it..