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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Bshadowl

I was first introduced to mudding and 3k in 1999, when a few of my friends told me I just HAD to play. Two years later i'm still playing, and playing non stop. I have tried other muds, and other systems of mudding, but so far I cannot find an equal to 3k. By far one of the easiest muds to start playing, and a very challenging place to play.

Two of the best parts of 3k are the people and the guilds. While I a Necromancer, perhaps the best guild on the mud (a debate for another day perhaps), i have enjoyed many of the other guilds. I love 3k.

By far, the people on 3k are the best part. Whether you're a person who loves to compete and rise to the top, or just flap (slang for chatting), 3k is awesome. With many public chat lines, and even more ways to privately talk to your close friends, 3k offers the best atmosphere for anyway to mud.

Let's not forget the court system. This is a simulated player killing enviornment that challenges the skill of the individual as well as the teamwork and leadership of your court members. Courts have close ties to eachother, and work hard to help eachother.

Bshadowl - -=TNS=-