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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Skinless

    As one of the Wizards/Builders for 3Kingdoms, I have a pretty unique perspective of the MUD. I spent approximately 5 years as a player, and I have been a wizard for 3 years. I have played on several other MUDs, and I am good friends with builders on other muds. I have to say, 3Kingdoms has a higher standard for code and theme than any place that I have ever been to. Here, we are strongly encouraged to use the full potential of our imagination, instead of being constricted by a linear theme that cannot be deviated from. Writing our own storylines, and creating our own histories is rewarded. Not to mention the amount of detail that an area must contain before it is approved for placement into the game.

    Not only is 3Kingdoms a great environment for learning the depths of your imagination, but it's also a great place to learn. The Wizards are all there for each other to help out when one of us is stuck on a particular coding problem. And we're always willing to help by giving ideas to each other.

    Also, while your rank as a Wizard will sometimes limit what you have access to or can work on, we often times have free reign to work on as many projects as we can handle. Personally, I am working on creating a new guild with some other wizards, I am one of the Lead Overseers(wizards) for Court World(a massive SIM-PK environment), I am on one of the three Realm Teams(Chaos to be exact), I work on a mudwide newsletter, and several other minor projects(with plenty of help, of course). This is just an example of the freedom of work, imagination, and opportunity that the Wizards are allowed(after you earn a certain level of trust, of course).

    All of this is pretty much behind the scenes teamwork that goes into making 3Kingdoms the most complex mud that I have ever had the joy of experiencing. We have an extremely loyal player and Wizard base, including some like me who have been around for 8+ years. We have almost 500 areas that are constantly being updated with the latest code, maintainers keep the theme fresh and bugfree, and even old/closed areas are often times rewritten and brought back to life. We have numerous guilds, each with it's own unique theme, and even more guilds on the way.

    It's been my experience that, when a mud reaches a certain age and size, stagnation tends to set in. This has yet to happen to 3Kingdoms, and with the great group of dedicated Wizards, and players(player input is highly valued), that we have had during our entire tenure, and still have to this day, I cannot forsee this ever happening. 3Kingdoms will always be something special, not only to me, but to anyone who takes a moment to stop by and see what a great environment we have to offer.