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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Shadowhawke

3-Kingdoms is the kind of mud where you learn how to mud, fall in love with mudding, then keep coming back for more, time and time again.  

First of all, the newbie system on 3k is unbeatable. Even if you haven't ever mudded before, friendly and helpful people (players, wizards and NPC's) are there to show you the ropes. This is a group of people who really care about newbies. You start out in newbieland (which is a miniature version of the realms) where you can get used to battling monsters and learn how to quest. There are 9 quests in newbieland alone so you can take your time in there or breeze thru it and go right to a guild. But don't be fooled, newbieland is only where the fun begins.

At level 5 there is an abundance of guilds open for you to join. Each guild has its own theme, powers, skill sets and cool tricks. We have the Necromancers, the Elementals, Monks, Mages, Fremen, Knights, Juggernauts... (just to name a few). Your character becomes what you want it to be, limited only by your imagination. The camaraderie in each guild is as unique as the guilds themselves. The really wonderful thing though is that each guild, while its members can go out alone questing and hunting, members from different guilds can come together in a party and really have fun. The unique abilities of each can come together to really tear things up.

The realms of 3k are enormous! What's your pleasure, Fantasy? where you battle dragons and beasts and rescue the fair maiden? Science? where you battle in a techno-cyber-postapoclyptic atmosphere? or Chaos? where its all up for grabs... The areas within each realm have some of the most creative and unique themes within.

Tired of the hack 'n slash? Try some exploring or questing. We have wizards that are some of the most imaginative creators, and that creativity is nurtured... Think you have been thru an area and seen it all? Look closely, there is always something new and cool there to discover. There is so much to explore that if you find the same old areas boring, you can go find new ones! With over 100 quests, you will always have something fun to do. Some quests can be solved in a few minutes, some will take years.

Ok, all this and still bored?? We have Courtworld too! People of different guilds coming together for boot runs, joking, partying, and within the walls of Courtworld, W*A*R! Where your pk skills can shine and your bragging rights are hard earned!

After 3 years, what keeps me coming back to 3k? Partially the areas, partially the best guild in the game (Necromancers, imho) but mostly the people. The people on 3k are incredible. Come see for yourself, join us at port 5000.