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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Samiel

I've been playing this mud for about 4 years now and it has pretty much dominated my mudding since I started it. Other muds are ok but they seemed lacking in something. Now other muds have guilds, and quests and even lots of players and size but 3 Kingdoms is truly unique because it has ALL of the features you see other muds boast about.

Over 70 quests, unique guilds, buy and build your own house, make friends and get them killed partying ;),kill them in the arena, play in the courtwars, go gamble in the 3k Casino, play UNO, defend yourself against the Wizard run Invasions/Anarchies/Bloodmatches. Just sit and flap, its all here.

It really is just huge. There's a little thing you can do thats called the explored rating. In 4 years I've visited about 17000 rooms, and there's over 36000 in total! The standards for writing the areas is very very high also. You know the effort that the wizards have gone to in creating these areas is enormous.

It also has probably the most active, vocal, and generally accessable wizards on any mud I've seen. In the time I've been here I've found ideas of my own listened too, and at least given a response to. Im happy to say at least some of my ideas are even in the game these days.

Check it out, its friendly, its fun, its diverse, you name it 3K has it. I love it, and I'm pretty certain you will too.

Samiel the Werelion