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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Miyurachi

3Kingdoms is the first MUD I logged into and here I am 4 years later still logging into it.  I've tried other MUDs and no other can compare to what 3K has to offer.  The help from the players and wizards alike is great and the amount of areas to explore with the quests to keep things interesting is what kept me going back.  There are also a ton of mini-quests that are just plain fun to do and give you nice little perks once completed.

There are many guilds on 3Kingdoms and every one of them is worth taking a look at.  Depending on your style of playing, there is one that will suit you.  There are Monks, Juggernauts, Elementals, Mages, Fremen, Breed, Warders, Bards, Necromancers, etc to choose from.  I was a Necromancer for 3 years and was given the opportunity of being a player admin.  Every guild has this opportunity for player advancement if you want a leadership role.  Each guild is different in its powers and lends to great strategies if you decided to party with players of other guilds.  Also, within each guild, you can customize your player to suit you.  No two players are alike, and that's what helps keep things interesting and fun.

Courtworld is where it's at for those who want simPK.  After being queen of my own court and making close bonds with the people who warred with me, playing took on a whole new role.  Court members party with each other, help get equipment for each other, and support the other members on all their accomplishments on the MUD.  

Recently, I decided to become a wizard for 3Kingdoms and have learned the major reasons why this game is so great.  Having never thought I would become a wizard, the fact that I did is a scary thought, since I have no coding experience at all.  However, all the wizards of 3k have supported me through my learning curve and given me great ideas.  Imagination, creativity, and in depth theme is what we strive for.  There are tons of opportunities to do as many projects and areas as you wish as a wizard, provided you can handle it.  I am a wgm for Monks with Rastafan as my mentor since he is the head wgm.  I'm also on a planning committee for a brand new guild that is planning on opening soon.  Plus a ton of ideas floating around in my head and some partially completed areas coming along.  There are tiers in being a wizard, but everything you do and every promotion you get is based on merit.  

No matter what you look for, a place to chat to people, a place to be a leader, or a place to just be yourself, 3Kingdoms offers it all.  The players and wizards are all wonderful and friendly.  If you need any help, just ask and someone will be there.  With the new newbie question line, being a newbie is no longer a solo event.  There are newbie helpers on at all times of the day waiting to field questions in a friendly way.  For 4 years I've been on 3K and I'm sure I'll be here for a long time to come.