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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Grishkin

I might be biased, as Three Kingdoms is about the only MUD I've played on in the eight years that I've been mudding, but here are a few words I have about the MUD:

Some facts:
Three Kingdoms currently sports 38637 *explored* rooms in 481 listed areas. While questing is not mandatory, the MUD boasts 76 active quests, with several more either in process of being coded or being recoded. We have thirteen guilds available, including: adventurer, bards, breed, cybercorps, elemental, fremen, jedi, juggernaut, knight, mage, monk, necromancer and priest. Eight more guilds are being coded or re-coded. Out of our 53 active wizards, we have 15 titled wizards who are always working to make our time on 3K more enjoyable. Players can own houses and can even add a bit of personality to their character with tattoos and piercings. PLayer Killing is limited to only registered PKers. On occasion, the Admin will have Anarchy or Bloodmatch sessions where there it is every player for themselves but is no penalty for player vs. player deaths and the winner usually gets a prize.

As a player, I've enjoyed this MUD a great deal and will continue to support it. Both players and wizards give Three Kingdoms a fun playing atmosphere, no matter if I'm hack'n'slashing, questing, exploring or just chatting. I've been in most guilds at one point or another, but I keep going back to the Fremen guild. In my opinion, it is the best guild in the game. I've also been a Necromancer quite a lot and I can say *almost* the same thing about them.

Sure, there are moments where people don't get along. That happens with anything where there is such a diversified base of people. All in all, however, mudding at Three Kingsoms is a great experience - no matter if you prefer hack'n'slash, quests or just chatting away with other players. This MUD combines it all to make it fun.