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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Daomir

Hi my name is Daomir, I am a Necromancer(Reaper) on 3Kingdoms. I must say that it is a rich environment, full of many quests, creatures, unique items, and fabled lands spread out amongst 3 well designed kingdoms. Those kingdoms are chaos, science, and fantasy, where you can run into a mob of aliens in one realm and get chased down by goblins and trolls in another. I see all these other reviews claiming their mud is the best. Well how fun is it seeing Midgardd or some form of midgardd, with the same borring cityguards, and same borring chr'effns, etc..? Not much fun. The people who claim its the best are just canadian, and can you really trust a canadian? Well anyways enough banter, come try 3-Kingdoms, enjoy the wealth of people, guilds and places to explore. And finally DON'T TRUST CANADIANS!!!!