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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Razordw

  Ah 3Kingdoms, or 3K for short, my first MUD and remains the greatest mud I have ever played. I have been on this mud for almost 2 years now. Nothing I have played is capable of beating it in anything. It is an immensive mud with 3 themed major areas. This is what gives 3Kingdoms its name, the three areas are Fantasy, Chaos, and Science.
   The players are very enjoyable to be around. Court World a great sim pk where now, after a recode, your equal to everyone else and no one has any major advantages. Also the house system is excellent, it gives you a total of 50 rooms to do pretty much as you please, which you must purchase after buying the house which comes with 3 already.
   One of the greatest things of the mud would have to be the 13+ original guilds most of which are themed excellently. Some of them are Fremen, Monks, Knights, Mages, Jedis, Juggernauts, etc. There are also several guilds in the various stages of development, or being recoded. My present guild is Fremen, which are as based on the Dune series. However, as many on the mud know, I await the recode of Gentechs, a guild based on Genetics, experimentation, and time travel. Their main power when they were closed of Time Slide, it was capable of reseting a room regardless of how long till the room would reset naturally.
  Although for some this may be a turn off there is no races to choose from on 3K, however, I think this to be a plus as it doesn't force you to choose something you may regret. Also the stat system of Str, con, etc. is raised, useing xp, how you want it to be as doesn't start you at any fixed stats instead you start out with 1 on each stat then raise them how you want.
  Also for those that don't use people to help you start mudding 3K provides excellent help for newbies, includeing there own area that is a represntation of the mud and helps you start mudding. I relied on this when I started mudding and this being my first mud relied on it to teach me how to mud. However, don't simply rely on it the people of 3K are excellent in helping out newbies, in fact I may have probably quit 3K if it weren't for some fellow guildmates. It was after I had left newbie land I had done some exploreing and ended up killed twice after the second death I was getting very discuraged when a few of my fellow guildmates noticed that I was haveing problems. They stoped what they were doing and helped me figure out how to deal with, and play in the mud outside of newbie land. Now I am a level 40, Glevel 53 Fremen, glevel is guild level, and i am also high mortal, which can only be attained through questing. If your ever on and need some help feel free to send me a tell I am Razordw.

The Gentech Fremen Razordw

PS You can only be in one guild in case my signing makes you think otherwise. It is just my way of keeping Gentechs alive.