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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Halcyon

I've been playing MUDs for over 12 years.  I was playing MUDs back when you had to direct dial a local BBS just to log on and play.  To date, I've played over 20 different muds in some form or another.

You know what I'm going to say even before I say it, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this.  I feel that 3Kingdoms is the best mud I've played in years.

I've been on 3Kingdoms for 2 years and I have got to tell you, there's nothing like it.  I was an active coder on another MUD (Afterhours) but traded it in to make 3K my main mud.  The friendly atmosphere of having over 100 people to talk to at almost all hours of the day is only one reason.

For me?  The reason I switched over, was the wizard interaction.  I've played too many muds where the coders and admin sat atop the "who" list never talking or being idle all day and never had time for the player base.  3K is not like this.  It's not unusual for me to talk to 3 to 4 wizards at some point every time I log on.
They also like to have fun.  Another problem I had with most muds is that they're too uptight.

The variety of guilds is great as well.  And something else I find fun is every now and then, instead of booting up the mud normally, the wizards will throw in a special reboot where players can match their guild skills and playing ability against each other in the forms of "Team Bloodmatch" and "Anarchies".  You don't find this kind of excitement and fun in most other muds.  And the deaths don't even count as REAL.

I'm not going to continue rambling, but you're missing out on one of the best muds ever coded if you don't at least stop by and check out 3Kingdoms.  Feel free to say Hi to me also! :)