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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Bacher

I have been playing 3Kingdoms for about 6-7 years.  In that time i have made more online friends than i can count.

I have had my problems with the admins on 3K, and have had my problems with the mud at times, however, that has not affected my view of the mud as a whole, and i had to take this opporitunity to tell all of you how wonderful of a place 3K is.

The mud just underwent a massive recode, taking thousands of man hours to complete, and it works incredibly well.  I have never seen a mud with as many areas, as wonderful guilds, and as creative quests.

Everything you could possibly want to do is included, from Player Killing to a court world, where sim-PK rules.  As well as regular invasions where the entire mud must ban together to protect the town (pinnacle) from being overrun by the evil of the realms.  Most of the wizards are incredibly friendly and helpfull, and the player base is not only huge, but quite active.  There is little to nothing missing from 3K.

If you have not ever visited us, please will not be dissapointed.  Just look for the Squid (That's me) I'll be glad to help ya out. :)