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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Roy 'Asandir' McGhie

Materia Magica is a truly amazing MUD to play. Admittedly, i'm a total newbie when it comes to MUDs, as I only really started playing them a few weeks ago, whereas some people have been playing for years, but I fitted right into this one.

The ingame interaction works perectly, and the little exit map for each room is truly a godsend. It saves a lot of pointless reading, trying to work out where to go.

The quests are fun and imaginative, and for newbies like me the Immortals are very helpful, and you can also enroll in the Novice clan, which is a good idea, because often someone else will know something that you don't.

The commands in Materia Magica are thankfully simple to learn. In the last MUD I attempted to play, I was killed by a tabby-cat because I couldnt equip my weapon, and then I had no idea how to get ressurected. I left that one quickly, and discovered Materia Magica. There are simple hints, and easy to access command lists.

Materia magica is both an excellent MUD for the newbie like me, or for the more experianced player. it offers a challenge, and contains enough excitement to last years. Well done to the makers!