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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by aist

i have played the mud for about a month and have a few thoughts:

- the mud has a very friendly player base.
- the imms are fairly close the the morts, unlike in some muds where you can't even see them.
- interesting areas with puzzles.
- good difficulty level
- huge world
- well hidden equips.
- leveling takes brain and skills

- it is great in all the other aspects except for the ones in the cons section.

- multiplaying, it is retarded. it disencourages grouping and interaction. i think they allow it so it seems like they have more players on.
- exp penalties. they are too big. you lose almost a level's worth of exp for dieing. there is nothing more frustrating than losing exp.
- the death traps are so <insert a cuss word here>. they are rooms that kill you instantly and destroy your corpse.
- the spellbots are free. this is can be good when you are low level, but it devalues the mage and cleric's spells. if you can get the spell from a bot for free, why would you learn it yourself?
- relative small amount of skills/spells. 50% of them are useless.

overall though, this is a very FUN mod, i give it a 9 out of 10. if the admins would just correct a few things, this would be a ten.