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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Tamar

I have been playing on 3-Kingdoms since fall of 1996. Trust me, if you stick around a little while, this place will almost be like a second home. There's plenty of fighting to be done if you're the combat type, and plenty of socializing if you're more the chatty type, and almost anything else you can imagine - quests, building homes, exploring, and more.

3K also differs from most other muds in that the areas and guilds are mostly quite original. You aren't locked into the typical "Priest - Knight - Mage" classes, although those guilds, among other "stock" guilds/classes are available, though with unique skills that you won't find elsewhere. You can be a huge tank (Juggernaut), an elemental force (Elementals), a desert warrior of Arrakis (Fremen - my guild of choice!), or any of several guilds.

Courtworld also provides an opportunity for you to create new alliances and fight other players in mock player-killing. Each court and guild, and sometimes subguild, has its own chat line. Between all the fighting and the conversations (and other lines are available) you'll never get bored on 3-Kingdoms. So jump in and stay awhile; maybe it won't make you into a wealthy, perfect-ten 21-year-old, but as long as you can tank undead farm animals, who cares?