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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Ameline

What makes a MUSH a 'good' MUSH?  There are tons of ideas on this, but my personal thought is that a 'good' MUSH has the ability to keep a player interested for a great length of time. This can be done in a number of ways, from TP events to the characters on the MUSH.

Having played on OtherSpace once before, I took a hiatus from the online community for a couple months to pay a bit more attention to school.  (Darn school, giving me such a great connection and then expecting me to do something besides MUSH.)  But when summer rolled around, I felt that I could enjoy MUSHing once again.

My first stop, to my own surprise, was OtherSpace.  Why?  Quite simply, it is the finest sci-fi MUSH I have ever had the pleasure to play on.  The admin are friendly and helpful, the theme is all original and well laid-out (from the mind of the mighty Brody), the selection for characters is enormous (sixteen races to choose from!), and the Arcs (now in Arc XI) are amazing.  Never have I found myself so completely entranced by a MUSH before, but OS is able to keep my attention day after day.  Despite the fact it's set a thousand years in the future, it is fantastically realistic -- which, if you're a fan of realism like I am, is a really great selling point.

The chance for character development is enormous, and one can explore almost every aspect of their character through high-quality RP with a dazzling myriad of people.  There's no 'feature characters'; everyone has a chance to be a 'star' in a storyline.  All in all, this is a massive, amazing and truly incredible MUSH, and I urge you to at least visit and chat with other players and admin.