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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Gruff

This is a great mud, no doubt.
Have played it for half a year and really enjoyed my stay there.
There is no "dead-zones" where you just to walk and nothing happens (killing for a newbie with few moves), the game is fast with almost no lag and the areas are very creative and constantly being refreshed.
I also likes the many charactercombinations that is here.

There are a few problems though.
Some immortals are too stubborn and can't ever think of anything that they're right.
Some players over-all goal seems to be to ruin the fun for everyone else.
Since the immortals don't take this seriously I've for now said farewell to my favourite mud with a tear in my eye and won't come back til those things have changed.

But it is ,as i said, a great mud and well worth trying.