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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Jenred

I am newer then most to this mud. And me submitting a review just shows you how influcing this game is. It is one of the most realistic mud I have ever played. Not to mention one of the only decent muds focussing on roleplaying. Most muds nowadays are either hack and slash, with 'accepted' role-playing. Or are completely hack-and-slash, with people sometimes acting IC. Arm is different. It enforces role-playing in an environment that once you get established enough, allows for PK, fighting, etc. But be warned, like most people IRL you dont do things without reason, and the same is in this mud. There is no reward for maxing your stats, in fact someone doesnt even really need a skill to enjoy this game. The deep plot, and detailed environment allows for creative role-playing situations almost anywhere. As one progresses, different options and opprotunities will be opened. (i.e. staff sponsered characters, races, guilds, and subclasses.) Allowing someone once a lowly warrior to eventually creat an all-powerful templar, or even a variety of mages.

This mud uses many common aspects from others, including multi-races, multi-classes, and the ability for a subclass that allows you to diversify your character. Merchant-mercenaries, warrior-bards, pickpocketing-rangers, etc. Possibilities are near endless.

Armageddon, unlike most muds, features equipment and items that you dont need a level to use. The equipment is open for all, as would be expected in life. Speaking of levels... THERE ARE NONE. This is a skill based mud, where you progress in an act by doing it. No pointless mobs roaming for you to level, everything has a purpose, as should you. You will never hear 'Why were you attacking that gith?' 'To max my skills silly'. People are innovative in their roleplaying, with in-depth plots that give reason to action.

Nobles, Citizens, slaves, foreigners, racism, guards, merchants, clerics, theives, rangers, hunters, horrid giths, mantis hordes, scheming elf clans, all-mighty templars, city-militia, mercenary groups, CRAFTING skills, ability to forage materials to craft with, realistic food and water demands, 100s of weapons and armor, tailorable clothing, jewelry, name it-we got it.

A highly interactive and cooperative staff that works WITH you, not there occasionally to reprimand you, but there to help you and advise you before that happens.

Why waste your time trying to get to a max level, just to end up getting bored and recreating? Come play a mud where your given free reign of your skills, dont be held back by restraints on your character or your ambitions. Want to wield that longsword but your a thief? Come to armaggeddon, no one will tell you you cant because of your class. Tired of people asking 'Where can i get level 50 eq'? Come somewhere where levels dont matter, equipment isnt based on level.

Now the good stuff.

Totally original settings, no stock places, in a uniquely written creative world. LARGE world, with near endless settings surrounding a massive city. Several regions with interactive NPCS.

Fighting where body parts are effected, instead of just a general HIT on the person.

Customizable, approvable based characters. A helpful staff helps you design your character in a short time. This cuts those people who are here to spam the hell outta everyone, with annoying 'You see a bomb, YOU DIE' descriptions. Templars take great care in removing such retards.

I think I have said enough... if this doesnt make you come in and take a look... I dont know what kinda mud your looking for. Check out some of the other reviews too. There is bound to be something that I left out.