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Reviews Section
Discworld by Anselm

Discworld, the MUD of dreams.

Discworld is the ideal MUD, for players new to MUDs or old to them. You can limit yourself. By becoming a player-killer you can run about engoying killing all other player-killers, for those who are experienced of course.
Then you can also NOT become a player-killer and engoy your life just dealing with Non-Player-Characters, meaning that you are safe from anyone better in the MUD than you hacking you to bits.

 And the wide range of characters on the Disc is great. You can be involved in magic (Witch/Wizard) or be an assassin, thief or warrior
With all these choices this game is bound to glue you to it. All the more, the different characters all have proper choices, if you're a witch you have ALL the choices a witch can have, you can even learn to ride a broom. And with the other guilds you can choose your character to have all the options off that guild as well.

  This MUD is a game you can keep on playing, for a VERY VERY long time. Tons of quests keep players playing all the time, they are still adding the occasional quest to keep the game going (although I don't know ANYONE that has finished ALL the Discworld quests).

  The Creators are also great. They listen to everything you have to say and then try to help you in the fullest. They don't just say, "Oh, OK. I'll get back to you as soon as possible" And then you never hear another peep out of them, they try to deal with problems on the spot. And if they can't and say they need to put you through to a High Lord or a better Creator they DO

  Even though there are some other great MUDs, after going to them I ALWAYS came back to the Disc

  So after this I hope I have given you the most helpfull info on Discworld MUD as possible.
If you have any more questions you would like to get answered go to the Discworld homepage and
e-mail some of the creators and ask them. And if you don't want to do that, e-mail me at:
and ask away.

     Anselm    8)-|-<