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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Yokharan

Nice mud, really. The nasty guys that made a newbies life hard left the mud or turned into nice guys. :)
Very stable, no dayly reboots. New areas comming on every now and then with lots of new stuff to collect and explore.
A large majority of helping players, even some of the 'bad guys' are willing to help, at least while you are a newbie.
I really like the fact that you do not have to join playerkilling. You can explore the world and have fun without it. Ok, you cannot lay your hands on those nice limited items then, but its ok. There are enchanters around that can improve your standard equip to really good levels, sometimes even close to matching the powers of limited equipment.
I am hoping to reach lvl 50 soon so that I can try out one of those reincarnation races that are available for those that reach lvl 50.
I can only say I love it and can only invite you to it.