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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Bergentor

Well, im playing Dawn of the Ages for more than a year now, and although ive tried almost every other popular mud, ive never found one providing a codebase of similiar quality. The mud offers an endless number of areas with a coherent theme, quests, intrigues or just a nice landscape ;). Also, there are a great number of races, profession and careers available. For those who like the excitement, it is possible to join PK and participate in the wars between the different clans. Life on Ayreon as a PKer is dangerous, but it definitively is fun. If you are a more peaceful character, you can spend your time exploring the realm or just doing roleplay which also can be lot of fun! Just give it a try, the newbie area will provide you with the basic knowledge you need. Of course, experienced players will help you if you have questions :)