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Reviews Section
Midnight Sun by Twilight the Druid

Midnight sun is a MUD, as you might have guessed by the fact that it's featured on this site. I once read a report which divided MUDders into four general categories: achievers, explorers, socializers and killers.
Well, for achievers, MS offers a large range of interesting monsters to kill, and we even feature monsters which our highest level players fear to challenge. However, there is plenty to kill for the more faint of heart.
For explorers, MS is a quite large MUD (over 9000 rooms, i've heard), with plenty of areas nicely hidden. Don't rest until you've found Fargha ;) After that, still don't rest, there is still plenty to find.
For socializers. MS is divided into guilds, and each guild has their own channel to chat over. Altough the chattiness of guilds varies, there is also the possobility to gain more channels to chat over, such as the Mortal Battle channel, and of course the Lord channel for our high-level players.
For killers: I'm afraid I might have to disappoint you. MS is a non-PK MUD. We have this thing about being 'player friendly', and don't feel that killing each other is very friendly. However, if for some reason you feel you MUST kill someone, there is a PK arena located somewhere in the realm for those who wish to pit their abilities against another player.

Well, that was nice. I think i'll write another review soon, approaching Midnight Sun from another angle. But for now, this is Twilight, signing off.