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Reviews Section
3Kingdoms by Elle Rowley

I was introduced to 3k nearly 6 years ago.  3k is a fantasy game which allows a great deal of individualization in playing styles from aggressive killer to chatty lounger.  A multitude of guilds enables even the most jaundiced player opportunities for expansion of their experience.  Although I have over 108 days playing online on 3k, I haven’t come close to investigating every area/rooms.  Indeed 3k is an ever expanding realm.  Part of this is my laziness in playing in the same areas over and over; however, it is also just the sheer size of Three Kingdoms!

The best thing about 3k are its players.  The diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, race, country of origin is exciting.  I have made friends through 3k in countries all over the world!

3k has been a prominent part of my life during much of the last six years.  When I was a very lonely single woman, when I came home from a very tiring day at work, 3k beckoned, almost as my secret world…as if the players were my own shrunken city of Kandor.  It offered solace and friendship.  More than that… friendship on 3k blossomed into online romance with a guy 3,000 miles away…and into real life marriage.  My husband “Krispos” and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this summer.  And, if that wasn’t enough of a wonder…my son and his wife also met on 3k, and celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary this summer.

So, whether you’re out for a kill, or for an adventure of exploring, or to make new friends around the world, or better yet to meet someone special….  3k’s your game!