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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Anonymous

Realms is a very addicting game, but one which suffers from major flaws. First off, the classes in rod lack balance.  Two "superclasses" exist which frankly, leaves the others obsolete.  The areas is rod which have been "tweaked" in recent times, have not been for the better. Leveling, a major concern in playing a mud game, has be ripped out.  The leveling areas have been changed to take "leveling" out, just leaving obsolete(yet again) areas. What have we left? Ahh, killing stuff.  Well, that was changed too.  Popular areas have been changed to make it more "challenging".  Well, the only ones that actually kill anything in these areas now, are the immortals(administrative staff), who do regular runs there on their morts(player characters).  These major flaws reflected on the fragile administration the mud has been based upon.  There are a few skilled people on the staff, the rest of them, just get their position from 'be nice to the head'. What has rod left?  The player community is all.  With this in mind, you have to ask yourself, what do you want in a mud game? If you want a decent chat forum with ansi colour, then rod is the place to be.  If you want an actual mud game, you can find better elsewhere.