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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by M'kel

Leveling and area play haven't been removed from Realms. The fact that people keep, well, leveling and killing mobiles gives the lie to that argument. Realms has finally taken major steps toward eliminating power leveling, and people like "anonymous" are upset about it because they can no longer make avatars in one hour and mess the game up for everyone else.

As for the "fragile administration", it's run the game for seven years and turned it into one of the largest on the net. If that's fragile I hope they stay fragile for seven more years.

Realms is huge.  Tons of people to play with or against.  Plenty of areas, plenty of challenges, and plenty of fun.  If all you're interested in doing is power leveling 10 characters a day, then sure, recent changes aren't for the better for YOU.  If you're 99% of the rest of the people who want to play a MUD the changes are great, because we don't have to compete with spamming multiplayers who hog all the leveling mobs.  Good riddance, "anonymous."

If you want RP there are better muds.  If you want nothing but pkill there are better muds.  If you want some fun mud play in a huge world with a ton of people, Realms is one of the best.