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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Mud Reviewer

Reams of despair,

 A very impressive game, espicaly if you are looking for detailed game-playing. Though one major concept about this game, I didnt like. Reviewing over hundrens of muds. You hardly find a mud game ranked this high with to my point is a major flaw. As you start in this game, might I add "Very impressive helping skills for newbies". You start off by deciding on a major factor of the game. Choose to become a follower of the light of darkness. Now by chooseing darkness, you can only PK players that are evil and 5 lvls difference. Now doesnt that cut out over half of the entire players whom are playing? Now, if you like to PK which I know all players do being high enough in lvls. And, accomplishing all goals in the game like quest you like to challenge other players being the only thing left in the game. Well what is the fun in the game if you cant do that. You should not have to decide in that field. It should be equal for all players, now the lvl PKing I can understand. But, that whole evil and light is totaly a major flaw in this mud game. After, seeing this I didnt even want to continue playing this game.