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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Talbott

With the turn of my one month anniversary at OtherSpace, I'd like to express my true admiration for the game.

Let's start with one of the most major selling points of OtherSpace: Theme. OS is a large departure from the traditional MUDs (the rest of them). This is not a game where you walk in, killing everything you meet (although there is a feature in OS that supports this). The science-fiction theme of OtherSpace is wholly original and you won't find anything else like it. Its space system, RSpace, is revolutionary. Unlike the room-based space systems the rest of them use, RSpace is a real-time axis-based environment -- the closest you will get to text-based space travel.

Environment. The worlds of OtherSpace are comprehensive and robust -- coming together to form a synergestic universe. You have unlimited boundaries. Perhaps you want to be a trader? OtherSpace's fluid economy system will suit you nicely. A marine? OtherSpace has dozens of military organizations with a different flavor to each of them. A hacker? The criminal underworld in OtherSpace is developed nicely, ranging from small gangs to large crime syndicates.

Characters. Unlike the rest of them, OtherSpace requires that you think out your biography and propose your character. While this may seem stringent, it raises the quality of OS considerably. You will never find characters that have one line descriptions. Each character is fully developed and well thought out. They have histories, families, and quirks.

Roleplay Quality. Excellent, due in part to my previous point. The people you'll meet in the game are not there to fight you. They actually /roleplay/. You'll have hundreds of opportunities daily to roleplay with other people.

Staff. The staff is nice and patient. They take the time to explain every aspect of OS that you might have.

OtherSpace, an award-winning robust MUSH. It's constantly evolving one that'll ensure that you will never get the same experience any same day. Come to OS and experience something that you'll never forget.