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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by James Irmert

Although this was the first mud I had ever played, and I love it greatly, there is alot of things going on on AoD that I do not agree with, and due to my...stating of these things, and the fact that I did not agree with them, and because my opinion varied from that of the Admin on AoD (perhaps not all of them, but atleast two) I was nuked, all of my characters, including my wizard which was just about to be promoted from Apprentice to full Wizard status. I was nuked, and banned from any playing of AoD from that point forward. Along with my nuking was about 15-20 others, of my friends, and also people who just came to another mud one of my friends created, because they wanted to learn to code.

When any of us asked why were being nuked, we would get no reply, and then they would nuke us, and then, later, it was stated to a few people, that, if any of us felt we were unfairly nuked and banned, we should mail the administration at,, so, when any of us did that, we never got any replies to our mail, they just ignored them.

I know this might look like just one big bad thing coming from someone who from what you might think, hates AoD, but that is wrong, I love AoD, and despite anything anyone might say, all I ever wanted to do was help it, Im sorry if the Admin of AoD think it is so wrong to stay loyal to one's friends.

-James Irmert