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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by godkarma

If you like roleplay this is the mud for you!
This mud is the best thing that happoned to me since my old d&d days (yes, I know im old).
I've searched a long time to find a mud like this, its roleplay is by far the most extensive I have seen yet.
Armageddon MUD is set in a very harsh desert world called Zalanthas. Many clans are available to help the main player along, some are easy to find such as the T'zai Byn and others are more secretive such as The Guild and The Rebellion, however all are very rewarding and offer many 'twists' to the game.
Armageddon has many races and classes to select from as well as sub classes, whatever your taste you can find it here.
I can write on and on about this MUD but I'll leave it to you to learn more but trust me, you wont be let down.