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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Hannah Foo

SWSE is a great place for all mudders!
From what I have seen, the IMMortal staff are incredibly friendly.People such as Martin, Corran, Caspian, Sojik,Vorian,Subzero.(I am sure there are many others, but as of yet I have not met them).

The players are few and far between, but the MUD has been open for only a few weeks, and has a playerbase greater than that of the few quality SWReality based MUD's out there.Those people that do players, are great RPers and very friendly.(Apart from one guy, who does not appear to speak the English language,but im sure hes still quite nice:P)

The MUD does however has it downsides.One of the Immortal staff who ranks at Administrator(I wont mention Den's name)is a crude, callow, and just generally a not very nice person.
One of the 102's (Nom) appears to believe that he owns the place,and they have an immortal called Piccolo.Nuff said.