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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Helmitzer

Hi i've played MM for close to 1 year now (my 2nd stint) and i thought i'd just share with you wat i like abt it.

Firstly this is a really huge all-original fantasy world with several continents and many clearly-themed towns. I think the size of the world affects how long you're gonna be staying in the game. Obviously the bigger it is, the more places to explore! I'm based in the riverside town of New Riegel which is designed as a haven for Bards. To claim its title of the Venice of MM, there's a quaint canal-front in the southwestern corner of town where there are gondolas plying their trade ard canals and fancy shops selling lotsa interesting stuff. And if i want to get to the town of Lowangen in the cold, far, artic north. I can choose to go by foot (Great North Road) or mounted on a unicorn (my personal fav) or if i have the bucks, take the New Riegel Balloon Service (10k gold pcs). what this means is that no 2 towns are alike and they have very well-defined character, you might find yourself staying in one particular one coz you simply luv it.

Besides these interesting towns, there are the normal fare such as countless dungeons, magical towers populated by eccentric mages and mobs, forests with treasures and other exotic places (eg. Atlantis) as well as your wilderness chockfull of beasts. There're even other planes like the faerie plane which i've yet to explore since i have my hands full with the towns on my continent. I've not gotten bored yet; Such is the size of the world of MM.

This game's a heaven for RP fans since there's thousands of equipment, weapons, artifacts, reasures to satisfy your urge. One point i feel worthy of special mention is the amt of effort that goes into the design of MM. Take this description of a sword, one of many hundreds in the game:

Level 160
This is the royal swordmaster's sword of Atlantis. God only knows what would happen to you if he found out that you have his weapon. It is truly a magnificent sword. The hilt is made of pure pearl and the blade is constructed of some of the finest steel that you have ever seen. Maybe you should return his sword and beg him for forgiveness.

Talk abt a sense of humor=) I know you're prbly not going to pay much attention to the descriptions in the 1000s of items but in my opinion, only a well-thoughtout and designed mud take cares of such nitty-gritties, the sense of humor is a bonus of coz. The npcs in towns eg. townsmen, resident, shoppers etc actually talks to you. Talk abt attention to details. Incidentally, the Angry Citizen likes to slap me and scold me when i walk past it for no gd reason, of coz i always send him to hell for that =p

For those who likes player-kill aka pk, there's 3 ways to satisfy urself. The LAwful pk of which i'm a regular where you bascially have a gd-natured fight with another player on arena with no after-effects. Always a fav for those trying out new skills, spells, weapons etc. Then you have the Neutral pks scatterered thruout the land where you might be preyed upon by aggressive players; Thankfully no perm effects too. And then there's the DREADED (for newbies at least)Chaotic pk where you can get killed by players and get LOOTED. I was once unfortunate enough to venture into one (during one of my exploring periods) and got myself killed by a powerful NPC (Lord Pumpkin!!), thank god i was rescued by a player who brought me back to collect my equipment. I swear i was abt to quit the game then but for this kind soul. My eternal gratitude Borgmanson!
But fear not as these areas are clearly demarcated and are few and far between. They are the domains of the high levels and are gd sources of exotic and rare equipments.

There was a Great Boat Race held a few mths back where players rich enough to own boats actually raced around the world. And the recent Arena Tournament also spawned a few more millionaires and guess what, winners get the right to BOAST. hehe...

There's a Halloween Extravanganza coming up and this is just one of several festivals held thruout the year where there're special themed-quests for players to collect artifacts in exchange for the valuable practices. Festivals like this are always eagerly anticipated by players and are the subject of much talk and discussions. I'm already looking forward to the Christmas Celebration!

I guess there's much more i have not covered since i'm only a 2nd classer outta a possible 4, excluding the ARCHON Class. Of coz, you'll have to find out what THAT means by giving MM a shot.=p  

Ciao!!And pls keep up the gd work MM imms!!