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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anon Player

SWSE has the beginnings of a good mud.

It has many code changes and new skills including a new space system
That greatly enhances the playing experience. The planets are many and diverse and
With over 20001 rooms there is much room for exploration and more opportunities for
Role-play. The timeline, set in the time of the New Jedi Order, offers yet more opportunities
For imaginative and original role-playing. Extended race selection including several new races
Iíve only seen on SWSE create a wider sphere of possibilities for character creation.

Every mud has its shortfalls and this one is no exception. The playerbase is low, Iíve never seen
More than 12 players. For the most part the players role-play but only as a formality. Something they
Have to do because the imms require it. As a result most role-playing is feeble at best. A few of the Immortal staff apparently have no inclination to be civil with the players, often threatening slaying or other godly discipline when players respond to their pugnacious attitude.

However, not all of the playerbase consists of involuntary Role-players. Several of the players put forth a genuine effort and are very good at playing their characters part. On the whole the Immortal staff is friendly and helpful. Allanah is in charge of public relations and generally helping players and she is most helpful, friendly and patient. Caspian, the owner, is generally willing to answer questions and help so long as it is within reason and he isnít overly busy.

Overall I think SWSE can become a good mud with many original role-playing possibilities and new and innovative code and skill changes. With an injection of good, willing role-players this mud could become one of the most original and fun Swr based Star Wars muds to play.