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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Caspian

I know this is something of a conflict of interest, my reviewing my own MUD, but hear me out first.

Having just finished reading the two reviews written about my MUD, I decided I might aswell offer my own view of the MUD.

First of all, both reviews bespeak our low player base, which is absolutely accurate. Anytime between 3PM and 11:30PM EST, you can find between 10 and 16 players on SWSE, however, at other times, you might only find 1 to 3 players online. Unfortunately, this isn't something we at SWSE have any control over, and all I can ask is that you all come try us out for yourself to see what you think.

The other general gripe about the MUD seems to be my staff. :) Again, I don't exactly deny this either. I myself have had a handful of conflicts with my subordinates, however, I've fired those that were beyond redemption, and those that remain are very hard workers, and their shortcomings in PR don't deserve them a pink slip.
Quite simply put, that's why they aren't admins, and just builders. The most I can suggest in this respect is that whenever players have a problem with any immortals, they come to me. I've always got my ear to the ground and always have time for my players, and I'll work to resolve any differences.

SWSE has, I believe, the makings to be the greatest SWR out there right now. It is spawned of what I believe _was_ the greatest SWR at the time, Star Wars : Rise In Power. Since its demise however, SWRIP's owner has joined our staff and is helping us to move SWSE beyond SWRIP and into a new field of excellency. Not only is our current code superb, but the things we're working on are even more so aswell. We've got some 50+ areas to explore in a vast galaxy and new areas are released on a _weekly_ basis.

The final concern to address, I think, is the RP factor. It is true, we lack superb RP except for in some cases where the RPers are great. However, I think that this fact is a reason to attract RPers to come and set standards, to come and weave storylines for others to follow. I myself have just finished creating an entire area designed especially to enhance RP.

Regardless of all this, if you're a Star Wars fan, or someone who enjoys SWRs, or someone who'd like to try something new and exciting, SWSE is definetly a good idea to at least _try_.