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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Darrik Vequir

Good afternoon,

 I released the code for Rise in Power to see what others would do with it.  As they come
around, I will do a review just for kicks and boredom.

 Shattered Equinox opened a couple of weeks ago once they finished converting to SWRiP
code.  Before then, they had been building quickly on stock SWR code.  They have many unique
areas not including the uniques released with RiP and the areas from the staff who joined up
with SE.  Caspian is working hard coding new features, and already has a large amount of
ships due to the hard work of Nom.  Corran is one of the better administrators I've
encountered ( He worked as a builder on RiP, not administrator, so this is the first time I
have seen him in this position ), and Allanah does an excellent job as Player Relations.  
There are a large number of builders, including many from RiP, that are still working hard
to create new areas to indeed live up to their ( false for now ) claim to have 15k+ rooms
and an all unique world.

There is not a large player base, for now, but it already has an average of 10 players. Not
bad for 3 weeks of operation.  They are based in the New Jedi Order timeline, so there is a
large opportunity for roleplay ( including conflict ).  As the player base is not large,
they have not actually begun the 'invasion' of the Vong as of yet.  Only a few in the New
Republic and the Imperial Remnant are aware of their presence.

Roleplay is enforced, but the players seem to have some leeway on how they interpret the
timeline, which produces some interesting storylines purely the creation of the players.
There are a couple of helpfiles called IR_timeline and NR_timeline in which the events
since opening are outlined for the newcomers.

Ashmare does a great job with helping newbies, especially considering we have had some
foreign visitors that do not speak the english language all too well.  Despite one or two of
the other immortals getting snappish, she deals with them well.

All in all, this is the more impressive of the Muds using my code.  Unlike some of the other
SWRiP muds that have left my player file intact as a 101, this is the only account I
actually use on a regular basis.  It is also one of the only ones that have not claimed to
be 'The new Star Wars: Rise in Power' which is always a plus on my end.

Thank you, and good night,

Darrik Vequir
Star Wars: Rise in Power