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Reviews Section
Genocide by G.S.

I've started playing Genocide some days ago and I think I've finally found what I've been looking for: fast-paced pk which is entirely based on player skill and knowledge. Now, Genocide isn't quite the MUD you'd call new (it opened 1992), and that's one of the biggest advantages: it's all original, offers countless classes, races, skills, spells, areas and items which were obviously crafted using a keen sense for maintaining balance and fun. So many outstanding ideas are incorporated into this game, it amazes me day after day. Well, admittedly, the learning curve is quite steep (the interface is easy and clean, but getting to know at least some of the areas takes time), but I've found the helpfile system to be very well organized, and most players to be rough yet helpful. Just check out and browse the helpfiles there. The playerbase seems to be quite large, but many people log on to chat or idle their time away. Wars are run during most of the day, most of the time they are one on one (just the right thing to learn more about the game), but bigger wars with 8+ players take place on peek times. My overall impression is that Genocide will be even more fun once I learn to play it better...and for all you people out there who like to playerkill in an amazingly rich environment with mature players, where you kill someone to be on a team with him/her (well, most players are male, it seems) during the next war, just to be kicked around by him the following wars...give it a honest try. You might be as amazed as I've been when I stumbled onto this jewel of a game, offering all the fun and excitement other pk environments are lacking.