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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Nerin

I have tried out hundreds of muds and found that there is not a lack of admins on power trips out there. Ages of Despair however, has a worse climate than I've ever ran into before. The harassments, admin vs. players, are noticable even to a lower level player. Paranoia due to mass nukings of players and wizards, causes admin and/or wizards to accuse newbies of being old highbies who got nuked, which is very unpleasant. There is also a high degree of favouritism towards the players who "worship the Gods" and act accordingly (OOC).

The game in itself is quite enjoyable, the ideas and the cute features are something to give AoD credit for. But then again, if you do not know how or why your character/s suddenly was/were removed, you will never trust it enough to feel at home there either.

No, this is not a mud I would recommend, for anything else but maybe temporary mudding, and we all know such a thing barely exists, right? ;)

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards to you all,