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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Jolrael

Having read these other posts, I find the need to respond myself.  Yes, there has been much conflict on our MUD lately, but the player response to it, for the most part, has been that of a family.  On AoD, every player is treated decently, by human or admin, until they give reason to be treated as less.  The players who have been nuked from our MUD have all bee known by me personally, and, even while I was friends with many of them, I fully support the opinions of the admins.  When your best friend stabs you in the back, you fight back, don't you?  This is no conspiracy, no cruel act of anger, as was stated on other posts, but an act of response to a threat to the masses.  Nothing more.  Having said that...

AoD is by far, the greatest MUD I have ever played.  Players are newbie-friendly, wizzes are intelligent and insightful, and there is much variety for anyone who wishes to play.  I have played AoD for many years on many characters, but, at times, I had experimented with other MUDs.  None provided the welcome that AoD does, and none offered the pure satisfying fun factor that every player of AoD is addicted to.  On AoD, players are all family it seems, and admins are never too high to take part in conversation.  

Lack of variety of classes, variety of areas, variety of items, and variety of character have been major turnoffs on other MUDs.  No other MUD comes close (trust me, I've played over 20 other MUDs) to AoD's level of variety.  As you progress throughout the game, you discover new areas with detailed quests and more incredible awards every day.  The game is exciting and addicting every day.

That's all I can think of to say right now.  Please log into AoD, create a character and vote for us, because we're one MUD that will always be here.  Thank you wizzes for some of the mose fun I've ever had, I can't even begin to comprehend all that you've done for me, and every other player on AoD.  

Thanks to all for reading,