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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Xerlic

Before I start, I'll say that I'm one of the 20 or so people who were removed recently. If you are expecting a totally negative review, stop reading. If you want actual constructive criticism, by all means continue perusing.

March of the year 2000, my friend sent me a link to a website and told me to try this out. When I asked him what it was he told me it was a MUD. I had no clue what a MUD was but I decided to try it out anyway. I was greeted with Ages of Despair. After some initial setbacks and occasional deaths, I got into the full swing of things. AoD was extremely addicting and extremely fun. The array of guilds, the diversity of the people, the intriguing (hahaha I said the word intrigue) areas, and the friendly wizards all created an environment where a person could easily lose themselves for a couple hours and just escape from the real world.

Last month, I was told thru a friend that both my wizard and my highbie mortal were removed. I was quite furious to say the least. After logging on and attempting to speak with an administrator (and promptly nuked) I stewed for a few days and moved on. The claims were that people were nuked because of attempts to hack or destroy AoD. I can't help but laugh at this claim. Yeah, I talked some junk about some of AoD's admin because of lack of bug fixes, but I never once thought of harming AoD as a whole.  If you want to nuke me, nuke me for the right reason. Here on some thoughts on several attitudes that have arisen:

Players vs. Wizards : This can exist. After all, it's human nature for people to come to disagreements. It doesn't matter if you are a wizard of a mortal, behind the screen sits a human. If this is the case, it should be treated that the conflict should not interfere with either the wizard's job of upkeeping the MUD nor the player's playing experience.

People who are loyal to the MUD vs. People who support nuked players/were nuked: If you've lost a friend due to a nuking, don't let it deter your opinion of the MUD. The administrators were thinking of the welfare of the MUD. They were thinking of your safety of playing in an enjoyable setting without fear. They did it out of concern for you, the player.  Don't harbor anger towards players who are loyal to/support the administrators. They are just supporting the people who have taken time out of their lives for their enjoyment.

Ages of Despair vs. Nuked player's new MUD:
Come on now, this is retarded. There are better things to do than be rivals/enemies/whatever you want to call it. Get on with your life, I know I have. It's only a game. These people obviously cannot coexist so forget about each other and move on.

Ages of Despair in a nutshell: Great MUD. The playing experience here is phenominal. The wizzing experience here is great. Even for a novice coder, the Education staff as well as the rest of the wiz staff is extremely helpful in helping you learn the language. The politics can get a little dicey but hey, don't log on for the bickering. Log on for the playing experience. I guarantee that you won't be disappionted.


Mortal: Dezz
Immortal: Xerlic