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Reviews Section
Ages of Despair by Bernard

Simple review

Awesome features.(favourite is multi-guilding
and reincarnation)
Great playability.
Simple to learn. Challenging to master.
Lots of facilities for players.
Newbie friendly.

Hack and slash mud. Pathetic attempt at
"allowing roleplay".
Diseased with politics and corruption.
Admin need to sort their act out.
Actually last line is unfair-most of the admin
need to sort their act out.
Lack of family community/society feeling that
are existing on other muds.
Half the player community is very rude.
Player-killer restrictions make the whole concept unplayable and laughable.
Has a lack of wizard resources so bugs are in the multitude and not getting fixed at any great speed.

If you are quiet, and unlikely to piss off admin and have no wish for roleplay, this mud is great. I love the playability here, the simplicity of the guild scheme and combat. What would make this mud a much more polished game would be the introduction of roleplaying. Clans had been promised since well before I got there, but never arrived. Lack of wizards willing/able apprently.
The politics of this mud does ruin it, and the need to be in the good graces of certain wizards to have a fair time there is quite aggrovating. But like i said, if you are quiet, and just want to stay within yourself, this is a good place to try.

NB: Just in light of recent reviews, i figured I would mention i was not one of the "nuked terrorist hackers". -eyeroll-