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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Test

A good mud, could be more...

quick, spammy fights
old skill% system
reincarnation not hardcoded - immortaldependand
align restrictions not hardcoded
too many wearlocations
100 stats which are not maxable.

stable mud
many professions + careers
many races + reincarnations
unique areas + quest
powerbased magic (altering affects)

Normally people read reviews to get some quick info. So I ll keep it short.
You know: Dawn is a PK mud, got a good deal of professions which can be developed into unique careers of one or the other type.
The races can be turned into reinc races on level 50 and maybe more later on.

The bad:
Dawn has many features, but not all are very playerfriendly. Amongst some is an unnerving, yet realistic day-nite code. Racestats dont count in with same amounts. Dexterity and quickness are far more important than strength or constitution.
It can be very disturbing as well, that you need immortals to care about your reincarnation which hasnt been automatized. Likewise reincs are subjected to new "rules" like alignment which hasnt been hardcoded either.
Likewise the fights are quite spammy and sometimes too quick for the "normal" eye.
All in all, sometimes too many details with little regret to playerfun.

The good:
Its a stable mud.
Its a diverse mud - many races and careers.
The skill/spell system is unique with the power
of the spells giving them a new edge and sometimes rendering new affects.
The areas have all been reworked or especially created for the mud and a certain sub-engine allows a very nice and enjoyable questcode to run interactive quests in most areas.
Funny enough, some of the more interesting feats which could actually make this mud a classic have not been truely been paid much attention too:
RANDOM ITEMS exist, but are seldomly noticed.
The colors have been integrated nicely, could be added a bit more to the spells or skills though.

For the rest:
There are clans of course, and the basic areas for those who want the usual stuff. Limited equipment exists.

Have fun explorin.