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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Nivek

What makes a mud better than another mud?  An answer to this is very objective, as people are looking for different things in a game.  No game will be the best in everyone's point of view.  However there are many things that make games stand out no matter what you are looking for:  effort, concern for your well being and rules.
In Realms of Despair we have many immortals that spend countless hours writing code, new areas and discussing on how we can make the game a fun place to be.  As for concern, we make backups of player files, corpses autosave just in case that rare crash does happen, and many more features just so you, the player, will not lose everything in a crash or a disk failure.  Finally rules keep a world an enjoyable experience by punishing those that will abuse and take advantage of others.  I personally spend countless hours to make sure cheating is limited and those that are caught cheating are punished severly.
I think just the above makes Realms of Despair an outstanding mud.  So what else do we offer?  We have many classes and races to choose from, we may not have the most classes or races but we make the classes and races fit into our world, we make them as unique as possible and we try to keep them balanced.  Being a bigger mud we have many builders, we don't have the most areas of the muds out there, but then again we only accept the best, why should we accept sub-standard areas, we want quality for our players not quantity.  We strive to make our areas fit into our world, make geographical sense and not become a band-aid world of areas stuck in here and there.
Finally we develop code to increase the abilities of builders so that the experience is a more interactive enviornment, the mobs more life like and just more fun in general.  This mud may not be the best for only pkill or role-playing if that is all your interested in, but it is the best for a sampling of everything and a quality, enjoyable, immersive environment.