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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Psektos

I have just gotten my feet wet in Zalanthas.

The game is deadly, downright deadly. Think death has no meaning on most muds? Come here, watching someone slip away has meaning. You have but one life per character, makes you think a heck of a lot more. The one life also seems to enhance Rp since when people start thinking before acting a lot more speaking takes place.

No twinks, the Immstaff won't tolerate them. You want to go play some where that has no players with skills practiced to the point where they mop the floor with everyone? Come to Geddon.

The atmosphere... it is wonderful! The players contribution count and I have had excellent interaction with both immstaff and with other players. There is even a list of helpers to get you started in Geddon, good folks all with a ton of info for you.

The webpage... amazing! You really should spend the time to get the feel for Geddon from it. The docs are well written and provide all the basics a new player would need.

And finally... I have to mention the roleplaying again. It is amazing, I started off with a bit of trepidation since I am a nitpicker on myself for quality roleplaying. Well Geddon has all the tools to make for an excellent roleplaying experience.

One drawback... and it is less of a drawback than a shock to the senses. Zalanthas is lethal. I lost three characters within a couple days. But with that comes the feeling that you need to work on all aspects of your mudding not just "adventuring". I learned to fit in, and that at any time, anyone or anything can end your existance... keeps your fingers  nimble and your heart racing.

So for a great experience please come and give Geddon a try! I did and am glad for it.