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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Ramirez

I guess I should have written a comment long time ago, since I am now playing dawn for more about two and a half year. As I first entered it I could not believe it's fun, but something forced me for a second try and then I became addictet.

But ok, maybe something about the mud. What other might see as drawback is what I like here most. The speed of the mud and the fight. I tried not much but at least some other muds and after playing dawn that long they seemed to be in slowmotion. Yes, dawn is fast, really fast sometimes, but I am used to it and I can't imagine any slower speed.

The different races, professions, careers and clans open a wide range of chances and you can be unique if you really want, although there are of course some races fitting perfect to a special profession/career combination.

Finally I turned to be an immortal too, but still feel more like a mortal player (and still have one as well :o). I like to help those asking for it, so feel free to visit dawn and don't fear to ask me anything if you see me around!