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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Charon

In a word, Tsunami is Amazing.

From the time I started mudding ten years ago, I have played a huge number of muds, but none of them have compared with Tsunami.  Smaller in population than the mega-muds, this place has been around forever and made great use of the time to develope some amazing features and

The detail that goes into every aspect of this game is rivaled only by the variety of play styles it encourages.  There are an insane number of class/race combinations available for play from a half-vampire samurai to merfolk chaosmage to cute faeriedragon.  Each combination is unique in both skill-set and play style.  The strengths and weakenesses of each lend a massive complexity to the dynamic balance of the game in whatever aspect you take part.

In addition to the completely unique and MASSIVE realm available for exploration and large variety of quests, Tsunami was one of the first muds to offer such options as:  

  - MUD-wide wars every 4 hours (fake deaths)
  - Player-owned houses, shops and real estate
  - Simulated one-on-one or team-based combat
  - coordinated NPC invasions of town areas
  - Unlimited level advancement

God, I can't even begin to describe all the features of this place, but I've tried to highlite a few good ones.  The code-base is as
bug-free and refined as I've seen with great channels for communication and feedback that makes it one of the most dynamic environments around!

Hope to see you there :)