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Reviews Section
Tsunami by Misery

Tsunami was the first mud i'd ever played. It was introduced to me by a friend who played, at first text games period didn't seem interesting, but eventually i tried it. Since that time i've played several other muds while bored, and although i've had some fun elsewhere, i've never continued playing at another mud for long. I always come back to Tsunami and for me, here are my reasons why. First off, wars, its the thrill of pking without the chance of losing exp if you die. You are dived into either teams, or in a great free for all being awarded quite a bit of exp for any kills and another good amount for surviving the war. There will be another war in 4 hours from the time another starts, leaving plenty of time to mud in between it also offers a nice break to the repetitious pattens of exping.
Second is the large amount of class selection, it provides such a large variety for play making it very hard to have "done it all" and get bored. There are also quests, and invasions which are other opportunities to earn good amounts of exp. As a newbie on Tsunami you will be protected from any pkers until level 6, and after that time you may only be pked by people your level or smaller unless you go pk on yourself. The world of Tsunami is quite large and as a newbie i wouldn't advise aimless wandering although i have found it much less easy to get killed exploring than on other muds where you run into aggressive npcs almost anywhere outside a town and in many cases they hunt you. If you need to know where to go there will be help files and means of mud based assistance, you can also ask other players for good places to exp. I would suggest you at least give this mud a try, even if you already have a mud you play, we might just change your mind ;)