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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by moontug

I want to play a rebel whose continuing livelihood is truly in question.  I want
to crouch in the bush and sense the smoke of burning buildings in the distance
touch my nostrils.  I want to experience relief as my rag-tag side takes this
victory, and know that the role I played was one of the most dangerous involved
- and I survived.  If I feel this, I can empathize with my character, and feel
a part of the atmosphere the game sets out to illustrate.

I'll try a MUSH.  The emotes are flashy, stories are definitely developing, but
something is lacking.  Something does not feel real.  They need my permission to
kill me?  My character was never in any danger?  The result is real struggles
being thrown into the background; players concentrate on playing out family life,
developing intimate relationships, all without any regard for human struggle and
consequence.  Life becomes a soft ordeal, I feel retired before I even began.

I'll try a MUD, its advertised emphasis on roleplaying.  My character dies, then
returns anew; the consequences are depressing.  Suddenly, individual character
life becomes worthless to players, risk becomes the norm, fear is forgotten.
Recklessness ensues, and, in a stark contrast to the situation in MUSH
environments, intimate relationships and complex plots are tossed into the
background.  Encounters are fake, not one face seems real.

I'll try Armageddon.  Jaded from previous pursuits, I'll discover a cold, harsh
edge.  I have only one life to live, and so I must be sure I can trust those
around me.  What are their motives?  Why are you looking at me, you gap-toothed
wretch?  I am distrusting and hostile.  The ruined landscape set out before me
does nothing to ease these sentiments, and I am in a constant state of want, of
yearn.  Still, intimate relationships will develop with time -- in a world that
stands ready to eat you raw, you have to make a friend or two.  Intricate plots
evolve and transform, secrets are discovered as I hold my breath.  This ruined
planet, ravaged by magicks of past and present that spoil and steal from the
land, has mysteries that no player alone can claim to have mastered.

Essential to this sense of exposure is the fact that ArmageddonMUD is backed
by sturdy, realistic code.  Combat feels very real, emphasized by the knowledge
that if you die, you are not coming back.  The code supporting these brutal
exchanges is complex enough to fill them with surprises.  Fellow characters are
detailed and motivated:  this game is host to some of the most effective
roleplayers I've had the pleasure of interacting with.

The world is poised for conflict, with an empire having swept through and
conquered much of civilization.  Fresh blood and ideas are a welcome contribution
to the world of Zalanthas, and I hope to run into one of your (several,
short-lived) characters.